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The PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls is currently seeking expressions of interest from community based rural halls in hosting events as components of the PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls June 10 – 23, 2018. The Festival is made up of a limited number of events and all decisions are the responsibility of the Executive Director along with the Board of Directors for Small Halls Inc.

The following factors will be taken into consideration for Hall selection:

  • Overall geographical representation from across PEI
  • The Hall’s ability to meet the criteria listed in this document
  • Adherence to the strict deadlines in the submission process.

The aim is to find rural community hall groups or committees who are enthusiastic and willing to work with the PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls, to provide high quality events and provide concert goers with an authentic rural PEI experience. This could involve hosting a Festival show, workshop, community meal, or other event as part of the Festival.

 It should be noted that the local organizing committee may not necessarily be from a rural small hall, but an existing community organization with an adequate volunteer base, and the ability to utilize a local hall and fulfill the criteria outlined.


2.             BACKGROUND

The Festival of Small Halls was produced by Small Halls Inc. and presented for several weeks in June 2008 and 2010-2017.  With a small, but experienced team, the Festival of Small Halls brought together artists, traditional music fans, and community hall committees to celebrate exceptional music, dance and storytelling in many small rural halls. Festival of Small Halls recruited the participating halls, partners, and sponsors, booked the musicians, dancers and storytellers and executed a comprehensive print, radio, and on-line marketing plan.

The legacy was both practical and experiential for musicians and dancers, government partners, sponsors, volunteers and many communities.



In 2018, Small Halls Inc. (a registered PEI not-for-profit) will be the producer of the 10th ANNIVERSARY of the PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls. It is our intention to provide a high degree of cooperation with the community halls in order to provide an excellent cultural experience to our concert goers.  The festival staff will be available at all times to work with Hall volunteers and staff, to answer questions, and to assist the halls in the roll out of this event.

The Festival of Small Halls staff will be responsible for programming all stages, booking the performances, paying performers, providing travel and accommodations where necessary, and providing all production including technicians and stage management for the concert. We will also provide advertising and marketing for the Festival and make brochures and marketing material available to the venues, for local distribution.



Small Halls Inc. will print tickets and provide a central box office with a toll free number.  Halls are required to sell 25% of available tickets for their show.   The remainder will be sold at the box office and online unless more are requested by the hall. This year we will provide codes for the halls to give to their customers who wish to purchase tickets on-line for thier specific show.  This way the hall will get credit for those tickets sold.

The ticket price will be determined by Small Halls Inc. and we will remit all taxes which are included in the ticket price and forward a commission to the respective halls, (15% of net ticket revenues after taxes).  Halls that “Sell Out” (of stated seating capacity) shall receive an additional 5% commission of the net ticket revenues after taxes (but only if they have sold their required 25%).  The “sell out” number shall be agreed upon in advance by both parties. If the Hall/Organizing Committee fails to sell their agreed upon allotment of tickets, the commission of 15% paid on total net tickets sales shall be reduced to 10%.  Should the Small Halls Box Office sell all of our tickets for your show, and have a demand for more, we may request some of the 25%  be returned for Box Office sale at no penalty to the Hall. Also, any comp tickets above 10% of total seating capacity used by Small Halls will be deemed to have been sold and will be calculated and included in the Hall commissions.



The participating halls will be chosen by Small Halls Inc. staff.  The criteria by which halls will be selected are listed in point form below.   The procedure will be strictly followed and deadlines must be adhered to.

All halls and community centres are eligible to apply if they meet the criteria.

Please note:  All halls responding will be given equal consideration.  All halls wishing to participate must apply (former participation in Small Halls events does not guarantee inclusion in PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls 2018.)


The hall must:

  • Have a stage or enough room to construct temporary one, or have space large enough to host a show or workshop
  • Have wheelchair accessibility– ramps, doorways, and washroom facilities (or the ability and willingness to accommodate disabled patrons for one particular event)
  • Have off-stage dressing room (or space to create a dressing room) for entertainers’ use before, during, and after the show.
  • Have minimum of 2 separate 15 amp circuits of electricity within 50 ft of the stage for music shows.
  • Have adequate parking appropriate to venue size
  • Have sufficient & operational fire extinguishers and clearly marked Fire Exits
  • Provide proof of insurance with the Application
  • Email a quality jpeg photo of the exterior of the hall/venue for our website, at time of Application if possible (we require a digital photo in spring or summer season that we can post on our website)
  • Kitchen facilities appropriate for event requirements
  • Provide light refreshments (i.e.biscuits/jam/cheese, or cookies/scones etc, and tea, coffee) to concert goers at intermission
  • Take responsibility for all normal costs of the venue (i.e. electricity, heat, maintenance/cleaning)
  • Provide a venue and an atmosphere of hospitality for the performers and crew
  • Provide performers and crew with a light meal up to 1.5 hours before the show
  • Provide volunteers to open the hall at the appropriate time for technical crews and set up for the show
  • Provide one specific contact from the Hall who will be responsible for the venue and staff/volunteers at the Hall. This contact must have a working email address and telephone and be available to answer questions/concerns and deal with any issues that arise.
  • Provide a phone number for ticket sales that may be published in the brochure.
  • Provide volunteers as required for poster and brochure distribution in community as well as for ushering, taking tickets, security, parking, sign planting and other jobs deemed appropriate, according to the venue, during the event
  • Provide suitable space and a table available for sale of merchandise by Festival
  • Work cooperatively with Festival staff to ensure the smooth running of the event
  • Agree to sell event tickets in the local community with a commitment to sell a minimum of 25% of available seating. (Commission for your hall will be 15% of the revenue from the door. Should your show “sell-out”of the stated capacity number, this commission increases to 20%, conditional upon the hall selling their committed 25% of the total venue tickets.  Failure to sell the 25% of the tickets reduces your commission to the percentage of the allotment sold.
  • Halls wishing to sell their tickets by Credit card or Debit are responsible for any applicable fees charged
  • Agree to advertise in the local church bulletins and any other community notice board available
  • Submit notices to local Radio, TV, Cable 10 and Bell Aliant free bulletins boards.
  • Sign an agreement with Festival of Small Halls to ensure all is carried out as required

Please note: Halls may operate a 50/50 draw, with all proceeds being kept by the hall, if that is the tradition in your area. (optional).


6.          COMPLETE application by January 15, 2018

Please contact

Debbie Atkinson at  or

Jennifer Campbell,

or call 902 892-2308 with inquiries or questions.